Visit Nepal Holidays and Responsible Tourism

“Every step you made leaves a footprint. It’s upon you whether to leave a good mark or a bad mark.”
Making a trip or holiday means appearing in a corner of the world that’s new for you. Every time you go or you travel, your travel and your appearance make an impact on the destination you reach. Here’s the matter of responsibility either you do a good impact or create the wrong impact.
Visit Nepal Holidays  wants to make its every trip and package operations as responsible as possible. It is very well known that sustainability and responsibility are the fundamental indicators of sustainable tourism/ responsible tourism or ecotourism. Visit Nepal Holidays  is fully committed to operating responsible tourism operations. We employ well-trained staff who are well-known for responsible tourism. Our management team, drivers, porters, and guides, all are very well-known for sustainability and sustainable tourism.

Basically, Visit Nepal Holidays always considers the following matters to make a sustainable trip as possible.

  1. Respect Nature and the Environment

The VNH  and its team always respect nature and the environment. During the trips, we always keep everything the same and do not alter nature and the environment. 

  1. Respect the communities and the cultures

Never disrespect the traditions, cultures, behaviors, and lifestyles of people and communities. VNH  is always in mind that we are here only to experience those things not to make a negative impact on them. It doesn’t matter what kind of costumes peoples wear, what their lifestyle is and what their values and beliefs are. 

  1. Utilization of local natural resource

We suppose to use the required things from the locals. The priority is always on local resources.

  1. Support the local employment

Visit Nepal Holidays has its package operations in the different corners of Nepal and a few other countries. While in those operations, our first priority is the local. There are two major benefits of employing those locales;
     a. Economic Development of the region 
     b. Firsthand experience for tourists as they get the information from the locals who live there and are well known in the region. 

  1. Avoid harmful things

We avoid things harming nature and the environment. We only use things that are good for nature and the ecosystem.

  1. Leave the flora and fauna as it is

Don’t interfere with and disturb wild animals and nature! VNH  always stays away from wildlife and the ecosystem. We only observe them not interfere and disturb them. We visit there and return without harming or disturbing wild animals, floras, and faunas. We leave all as it is

  1. Least generation of waste

We always try to reduce the volume of waste. Wasting food and any other resource is not supposed to be a responsible act. 

  1. Take garbage back

On most trips to the Himalayan region, tourists and guides leave their garbage there. But, as a responsible tourism enterprise, we always suggest our guides, porters, and tourists take back the garbage along with them while returning from there. 

  1. No or less use of plastic and other unsustainable and harmful things

Things like plastic are so harmful to the environment and ecosystem as well as the animals too. VNH  always considers the least use of those things and also disposes of them properly. 

  1. Insurance and Child rights protection

Our guide and porters are fully insured. You do not need to worry about our crewmember while making a trip with them. We pay them well and promptly. Visit Nepal Holidays Tours And Travels Pvt Ltd  pays their medical expenses and we do not employ people below 18 yrs. We know employing people below 18 yrs is against international child right. Visit Nepal Holidays does not like to exploit children to make money for us. We do not seal anyone’s life to promote our social and economic status.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

No company or enterprise can survive without setting and achieving social objectives and goals. The modern Business environment requires performing socially responsible activities. Visit Nepal Holidays  is involved in several social welfares and well-being activities for the upliftment and development of society, and the community. It is our duty to help and support the people, societies, and communities with whom and where we perform our activities. 
Visit Nepal Holidays has associated with several social welfare organizations to support society and keep nature and the environment clean and clear. We are following the rules and travel tips published in sustainable tourism organizations.